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Great lyrics, bad voice.

sonicmega responds:

At least I'm 1 for 2.

I agree that the singing was likely sub-par, however. I do not sing for a hobby, I voice act, but this parody did, in a minute sense, require singing.

Thanks for the review nonetheless!

Well I'll Be Damned

Holy crap.

When I first heard this I thought "wtf" ......

...but then I stuck Loop on and have been listening to it for at least an hour now. Very catchy. Nice work, both of you. I hope to hear more stuff like this.


Catchy tune, I like it. It fits the setting you described very well and would probably go well in a flash with that kind of atmosphere. For some reason it reminds me of Weebls-Stuff (google it if you don't know what it is) cartoons. Which is a good thing to some, but bad to others. In my case I think it's good :P

The only 'niggles' I have with it are:

- when the bass is introduced, there is barely any change in the melody. A change of key would have sounded awesome. (This is where I would otherwise have voted 9 for diversity rather than 8).
- the reverberated synth is a bit too obtrusive IMO, maybe just slightly too loud. (Just shy of scoring a 9 for clarity but this stopped me.)

Those things aside, you made quite a tune here, and you obviously have a nice collection of samples. Keep up the good work!

Au revoir.

Music-story responds:

Thanks for review. Hmm well a bunch of people telling me keep the same base line and another bunch of people telling me to change the base line (the melody). AHHH!!! What do I do. I can't satisfy both sides. I failed :) Anyway, the notes are changing throughout the entire song. I compose my own music so I know what I'm playing on the keyboard. Maybe I used that 1 same synth too many times in the song that it gave the illusion the tune was the same. Hey that matches...carnaval is a place of illusion. Sweet I should get bonus marks for that creativity. :) Be sure to see some more reviews by me on your songs. Hopefully you wore HEADPHONES!!!SOUNDS MUCH BETTER WITH HEADPHONES ON :) ALL NEXT REVIEWERS WEAR YOUR HEADPHONES WHEN LISTENING TO THIS SONG. okay bye for now

Not bad

I quite like this, only things I dislike are:

- bass is a little too heavy (may be because of my speakers though)
- you got some reverb in places, sounds good but doesn't hold true to the original

On the contrary.... it's as catchy as the original, and fun to hear WITHOUT the gaybo lyrics :P

Good job.

0jkensler0 responds:

Thx for the comment, yea I figured it was time for the song without those lyrics that would creep anyone out. As for the bass, I'll try to fix that. Reverb is from a complex MIDI to MP3 process (I'm still working out the bugs)



Holy sheet, this is.... outstanding.

*Bookmarks your audio page*

afliXion responds:

Judging from your profile I got a kind of gothy sense so I'm alittle surprised, yet very glad you liked it!


Pretty funny, I like it. Nice way to take the rip out of a tutor.

Two things though:
1) It isn't so easy to hear what you're saying
2) It's "You're all failing", not "Your all failing".

wesdood responds:

it wasn't me reading.


WOAH. I needed to hear that. It's just GREAT. One of my personal favourites... but if I was to comment on any part of it I didn't like..... I wouldn't be able to cos there's nothing wrong with it.

Heh, but seriously, the only 'problem' I can find is that the snare rolls don't have enough reverb. They sound slightly out of place in comparison to the other instruments. Although, that's nit-picking, and it hardly damaged the overall quality or anything.

Bottom line is, "It's bloody brilliant, 5/5, 10/10"



Overall would be 9.81529581 if it was an option...

I effing LOVE this. It's my favourite of all. I can't find anything to criticize... though I'm in no position to do that since I know so little about orchestral music, despite making it myself, mwhahahaha.

In fact.... *has an idea* YES, I'm going to download my favourites of your music, bung 'em all in a playlist and play Neverwinter Nights. Perfect match. Before I do that though, I'm going to make a poor attempt at making another theme... wish me luck o_0

XGM-Zeth responds:

Thanks Mate!
I wish you luck =)

Well; Thanks for voting and reviewing!
And have fun playing neverwinter nights! :D



Another great one. I just realized I must have listened to it about 7/8 times in a row now... I was going to say it's slightly repetetive, but it sure isn't.

I love it; most especially the drums. If there's one thing I don't like, it'd be the "stabby" (spiccato?) strings, and the style of brass instrument you used (I'm guessing one of them is the Orchestral Ensemble in Edirol..?).

They didn't sound quite right to me, mainly because using an instrument repeatedly so quick, that it's easy to tell they're sequenced on a computer. I've had the same problem too - it's especially irritating because it it limits how realistic this style of music can be.

Anyway, I don't want to type TOO much useless crap here, so I'll be off now :)

XGM-Zeth responds:


I really dont know what to say, but thanks for reviewing, and note that i always listen to critism, as long as its constructive.


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