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******Late review, oops******

LOL. I can't believe someone actually made a music video for one of my worst tracks. This flash is good though; lip sync isn't bad, plenty of diversity. It suits the song well, I guess.




Classic flash, this is how all the funny ones should be. "This is what you get for doubting me.... thud" PMSL

Good work!

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No joke, I think this is the best flash game I've ever played, at least in a very long time. Such a simple concept but quite entertaining. I think it demonstrates perfectly the true meaning of games... it isn't mind-blowing graphics or surround-sound, it's simplicity and the end result that counts.


Not bad.... in fact, I like it!

Jerry Jackson Cartoons is possibly one of my most favourite flash series ever.... very funny indeed :D

It's a good soundboard - nice work on the "Background Music" clips especialy - I presume you edited them to remove foreground sounds? Only one thing though - you gotta get the pointer on the actual words to get them to work. It'd be better having them as black rectangular buttons with the text placed over them.... okay, maybe that's nit-picking :D

Great work overall, glad you used one of my songs.

flashfreakz responds:

Your welcome. I know alot of people now saying how much they want that song and where can they get it! :D

Anyway yeah I thought about fixing the buttons and I hope I do one day but if I can't it is't because I'm lazy, (well maybe....)its because I have loads to do, you know school, work, TV, sleep.. Anyway glad you liked it! :)

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Great lyrics, bad voice.

sonicmega responds:

At least I'm 1 for 2.

I agree that the singing was likely sub-par, however. I do not sing for a hobby, I voice act, but this parody did, in a minute sense, require singing.

Thanks for the review nonetheless!

Well I'll Be Damned

Holy crap.

When I first heard this I thought "wtf" ......

...but then I stuck Loop on and have been listening to it for at least an hour now. Very catchy. Nice work, both of you. I hope to hear more stuff like this.


Catchy tune, I like it. It fits the setting you described very well and would probably go well in a flash with that kind of atmosphere. For some reason it reminds me of Weebls-Stuff (google it if you don't know what it is) cartoons. Which is a good thing to some, but bad to others. In my case I think it's good :P

The only 'niggles' I have with it are:

- when the bass is introduced, there is barely any change in the melody. A change of key would have sounded awesome. (This is where I would otherwise have voted 9 for diversity rather than 8).
- the reverberated synth is a bit too obtrusive IMO, maybe just slightly too loud. (Just shy of scoring a 9 for clarity but this stopped me.)

Those things aside, you made quite a tune here, and you obviously have a nice collection of samples. Keep up the good work!

Au revoir.

Music-story responds:

Thanks for review. Hmm well a bunch of people telling me keep the same base line and another bunch of people telling me to change the base line (the melody). AHHH!!! What do I do. I can't satisfy both sides. I failed :) Anyway, the notes are changing throughout the entire song. I compose my own music so I know what I'm playing on the keyboard. Maybe I used that 1 same synth too many times in the song that it gave the illusion the tune was the same. Hey that matches...carnaval is a place of illusion. Sweet I should get bonus marks for that creativity. :) Be sure to see some more reviews by me on your songs. Hopefully you wore HEADPHONES!!!SOUNDS MUCH BETTER WITH HEADPHONES ON :) ALL NEXT REVIEWERS WEAR YOUR HEADPHONES WHEN LISTENING TO THIS SONG. okay bye for now

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