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Usage Permission - PLEASE READ!

2010-11-05 12:49:08 by Diabolo-ical

To anyone looking for permission to use one or more of my tracks...

I rarely log into this account these days so if you contact me via PM, you can expect a very late reply or no reply at all. That said, anyone is free to use my music in their creations as long as I am credited accordingly somewhere.

That will be all - cheers :)

Lol U Died 2

2010-04-01 08:04:06 by Diabolo-ical

A semi-acoustic remake of the original Lol U Died is now up:

This was made a while back by my brother for a TF2 machinima series called "Misfits In a Hostile Environment". Unfortunately the series came to an end quite fast and I never bothered uploading this track, but here it is.

Not so much a sequel to the original track, but more a remix - I call it pseudo-acoustic because my bro recorded his guitar for parts of it, but the percussion and brass instruments are synthesized/electronic samples.

So yeah.

U died, lol.

Like Radiohead?

2008-04-22 15:46:30 by Diabolo-ical

Hello all,

My brother entered a Radiohead competition to remix one of their tracks, "Nude", and it needs a certain number of votes before it can take the lead. You can listen to the track and/or vote for it from here: 20

Thanks to all who vote!

Due to the crappy quality of my NGAudio submission of Swillseed, it is now available in CD-Quality.

Download it here.


Swillseed Available in CD-Quality